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Moderustic Aquatic Glassel Fireplace Glass Rocks Propane FireplacesModerustic Aquatic Glassel Fireplace Glass Rocks Propane Fireplaces

VortexED '55'


The Newest VortexED '55'

VortexED '55'
Alcohol Fueled Based Vortex

Our alcohol based VortexED ‘55’ has been engineered to naturally swirl without the use of any electronics.  Both portable and safe to use indoors; it’s a brilliant alternative to any table-top candle.  May be used for commercial or residential use. 

Portable aluminum fire in glass feature Vortex Fires outdoor indoor fire feature

Available Sizes | Cost | Material




4” x 4” by 12” high



4" x 4" by 14" high



5” x 5” by 14” high



6” x 6” by 18” high



8” x 8” by 24” high



All Glass Heat-Treated
Glass thickness Options -  3/16” -¼” - 3/8”-½”
Custom Sizes are available (Extra Charges Apply).

Additional Metals. Extra Charges Apply

  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminum

Additional Glass. Extra Charges Apply

  • Reflective Chromium (As Shown Add $50 each panel to Standard Cost)
  • Available in several colors
  • All Glass Heat-Treated Tinted 

    Get the price sheet here
Glass in Fire Feature portable safe burn indoors inside Vortex Fires outdoor indoor fire feature
Fire in glass swirl vortex effect portable burn indoors Outdoor fire feature with swirling flame Vortex Fires outdoor indoor fire feature
Large portable fire feature in glass swirl flame Lagrge outdoor portable fire in glass feature with swirling fires Large portable fire feature in glass swirl flame

Q & A

Q. There are two or three ‘flags’. I get that the solid one is for snuffing the flame but not sure about the second one with the hole in the center.  It seems to tame the flame a bit but the arm sticking out of the glass doesn't make sense.  Is the unit intended to be operated with the hole flag in place?  

A. The flags with Holes are to lower the flame. The reason for the arm is so that you can insert the snuffer without coming close to the fire.  Again Snuffers with  holes make the flame smaller.  

Q. Also, the IPA (isopropyl alcohol) we had at the house is 70%. I think IPA can be bought at 99% .  Do you recommend one over the other?

A. 70% is fine and is usually costs less, anywhere from $1.50 to $.89 cents a quart.  99% can be more expensive and doesn't burn any better.  However, you could switch to denaturized alcohol for your Vortexed55 and the flame will burn blue.  Denaturized alcohol is available at Home Depot or Lowes for about $15.00 a gallon.

Q. Finally, how much alcohol should go the fuel container? Is there a level that should be maintained for optimum performance?

A. Typically filling the container about 80% is best.  After a few burns, there will be water/hydrogen at the bottom of the cup, dispose of it.  It will not burn.

Further Recommendations...

  • For older models - having a good pair of leather gloves to handle the reservoir cup when removing it is advisable.

  • Keep a flat piece of stone, marble or any heat resistant shield between your Vortexed55 and the table surface. 

  • For tall and older models, Vortexed55's, using a pair of pliers to lift and lower the reservoir cup makes the job a lot easier, especially when re-inserting a full cup.

  • ALWAYS make sure the fire is completely OUT before handling the reservoir cup.

  • NEVER pour any flammable liquid onto a flame.  Even vapors can ignite and create a very dangerous situation.

Here are some more photos of the old VortexED'55' Alcohol Vortex Fires!


Alcohol Vortex 1

Alcohol Vortex 2

Alcohol Vortex 3

Alcohol Vortex 4

Alcohol Vortex 5

Alcohol Vortex 6

Alcohol Vortex 7

Alcohol Vortex 8

Alcohol Vortex 9

Alcohol Vortex 10

These next few pictures are from the Village Fest we show at Palm Springs on every Thursday evening.

Alcohol Vortex 11

Alcohol Vortex 12

Alcohol Vortex 13

Alcohol Vortex 14

Alcohol Vortex 15



The alcohol Vortex Fires are brand new! We are producing several sizes and types ranging from $100.00 to $370.00 and range in sizes from 14” to 30”. These are and were developed for indoor use!  We wil be offering these in sizes as small as 4" x 4" x 12" and up to 10" x 10" x 30". Pricing will vary depending on materials and design.

Get the new Pricing Flyer HERE!

Please call me direct for more information, Ed 909-989-6129

The VortexED ‘55’ Fires are one of our newer inventions/ creations, which we can manufacture for most any application indoors or outdoors.

These Vortex Fires are naturally aspirated and there are no electronics involved. The flame that you see has been engineered to perform in this manner and fashion. These VortexED ‘55’ Fires are all custom built for each individual customer and manufacturing time is 4 to 8 weeks plus, depending on our workload at the time of order.

VortexED ‘55’ Enclosure from 4” x 4” x 12” to 12” x 12” x 30”, standard.

Different metals: steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, etc. Extra charges will apply.

Dozens of colors in Reflective Chromium and Tinted Heat Treated Glass.

Alcohol Fuel or Gel Alcohol is a standard application.



 Vortex Fires, Alcohol fire, Gel Fuel Fire,


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We are now designing a national catalog which should be 130 to 150 pages! We are asking for your help in acquiring pictures of fireplaces and fire pits for our catalog that our glass was used in. We would also appreciate your comments and or feed back as well.

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